Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Quiet Book is Wrapping Up

I have two blank pages left to fill for my quiet book.  I have loved this project so much, that I hate to see it end.

Here are my latest pages -

This is a classic shape the nose page.  My older kids has a similar page in the quiet book that I made for them.  However, this time I wanted to make the face a little more interesting.   I traced the face and then I sewed on the hat, hair and bandana and attached an old necklace for the nose.  It was a simple page to put together, but it is surprisingly entertaining to see how many nose shapes you can create.

Here is another classic quiet book puzzle page.  I really wanted a penguin in my book, but when I saw this little Eskimo guy, I just had to try and recreate him in fabric.  I can't quite commit penguins or Eskimo?

My Itsy Bitsy Spider Page is from the pattern on this brilliant ladies blog -

I still need to make the spider.  I have some fun fur left over from a knitting project that would make an adorable spider.  I just need to find a way to keep it from being too bulky.